Garden Style Wedding

Laurilyn Farms offers several options for wedding florals:

  • DIY bulk flowers - We order, you arrange. $300 order minimum.

  • Ala Carte - Individual Personal Flowers. $500 order minmum.

  • Full service design - We do all the work to create your design dream. $1,500 order minimum. Delivery not included; free delivery to Seymour, IN.

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Rehearsal Dinner

Review from a Bride:

Lauren. Lauren! You are an amazing flower wizard! The flowers were so perfect! They are perfect from a distance and up close. The colors were so happy and balanced! You used different textures but it all flowed together. The shape was beautiful and whimsical without falling apart. I have no idea what a lot of these flowers even are but they are convey the perfect wildflower feeling - stuff that looks like Queen Anne’s Lace and dandelions, but prettier!! Roses, dahlias - so gorgeous!! The greenery is perfect, gives the rhododendron feeling, and just the right proportion! These things that are balls, like little pearls and little gourds are just so cool! There was even dead stuff! I loved it all so much! I can’t stop looking at it and I’m completely amazed at how you did it! I want to visit your farm and meet you! Maybe I can learn what some of these flowers are and plant them around our house some day! :-)
-Allie L.

Header Wedding Image by Rakoteet Photography