You are engaged and you want your big day to be picture perfect, magical and totally yours!

And right now you’re struggling to figure out who can make that dream come true and what that dream will cost.


I get it

Come on in and have a seat, my friend, because you have found the girl who is passionate about making this process easy for you and educating you on wedding flowers!


I became a floral designer due to two huge influences in my life: mom and dad.  


My mother encouraged creativity in me from a young age. We would take art classes at our local art center and I became an expert in puff paint and the Bedazzler (all my 80’s & 90’s chicks, you feel me!).

If we weren’t sewing, painting, or decorating cookies then we were listening to music and singing. In fact, my mom, dad and I sing in our church choir together to this day.


My father started his own business when I was in 7th grade and this is where my passion for entrepreneurship and family business came from (mom started working for him full time shortly after he started the business).  I worked for them on weekends growing up and ended up managing the operations of the company after college. They sold the company in 2011 and I owned and operated a retail store from 2011-2017...then the flower magic started!


These two influences are why I am here today, living my best life, loving what I do and creating the most amazing wedding florals. I had no clue this is what I would end up doing with my life. It took a season of aimlessness, self examination and courage to get here.

I love being here. And I would love to share my passion with you.


Sharing my passion with you means listening to what you need and want for your wedding flowers. It means making your experience with me easy and worry free.  It means getting creative with you and showing you all the possibilities for your big day. It means maximizing the floral impact at your wedding while staying within your budget.  It means creating florals that are yours; flowers that embody your vision for your special day and your love for each other.


Now I want to hear what you are passionate about

What is your favorite part of your love story?

What is your song?

Is there a flower that is significant to you?  Or one that makes you smile?

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