Laurilyn Farms started as a hobby for the ladies in the family and has grown into a full time job for Lisa and Lauren and all the other members of the family pitch in too.  The business started with a passion for flowers and has grown due to a passion for genuine connection with people.  

Meet the family:


Lisa (Mom & GreenThumb)

She is the one that finds all the cool and unique flowers and acquires the seed. She sows the seeds and feeds and waters the plant babies.  She monitors the health of the plants as they are growing and figures out what to do if they are needing attention.  She is also the weather monitor and adjusts accordingly.  So, basically, she is the reason we have flowers!!!


Jerry (Dad & Grounds Keeper)

When Jerry is not on the tractor moving dirt or tilling beds, he is watering the flowers with the drip irrigation system he installed or moving stuff around for us.  He keeps this place looking great and builds/installs whatever we need him to build for the flowers!


Lauren (Daughter/Sister & Owner)

Lauren is the floral designer and the face of Laurilyn Farms.  She communicates with customers, makes all the arrangements and does most of the deliveries.  She helps with the daily farming chores and is responsible for cutting and processing the flowers once they are at the proper stage.  She wears the marketing and accounting hats as well.  


Jerilyn & Richard (Daughter/Sister, Son-in-Law)

Jerilyn & Richard are growing cut flowers on their property for Laurilyn Farms.  They host workshops for the farm at their beautiful house.  They both have full time jobs and help with the farm in their spare time.  Jerilyn staffs the Farmer's Market booth, helps with picking what flower varieties we are going to grow and weighs in on marketing decisions.  Richard is an engineer and farmer and helps with all sorts of mechanical and technical projects around the farm.  


The Kiddos

Lauren's kids help with all sorts of tasks around the farm including digging for worms and posing for flower pics!  They are the best helpers (and they are so stinking cute)!